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Beach House of Zen Relaxation Area

At Beach House of Zen we are here in support and celebration of life’s tenderest moments. Beach House of Zen is dedicated to promoting peace, love and harmony with compassion and creativity. We are a community of spiritual seekers, artists and healers. We offer our gifts, grace and guidance on your journey through life. Our Beach House of Zen sanctuaries provide space for your individual spiritual practices with weekly classes, monthly events and community outreach initiatives.

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Zen Services

Sunday Funday Events

Beach House of Zen invites you to join us for a unique experience on the last Sunday of the month. Special Guests every month for a magical, musical experience.

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Beach House of Zen will be the place where you want to return
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An oasis of love and peace in the heart of the Tampa, Florida metropolis


The Beach House of Zen offers many ancient practices for all with thousands of positive reviews from active participants. Our home is a sanctuary for all. Some of our services include: meditation, mystical yoga, and divination services of all faith.


The Beach House of Zen is called home to countless artists from all walks of life. Our artists offer their most suitable set of talents for collaboration or also showcases. Some artist types include: singers, musicians, painters, crafters, and also artists of their own right.


The Beach House of Zen offers its doors solemnly as a panoramic entrance into relaxation for the body, mind, and soul. We are blessed to have at our core an ever growing community of healers at The Beach House of Zen.

We honor all spiritual paths and invite you to join us in creating a safe and sacred space for healing, growth and transformation. At Beach House of Zen, we are dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds and walks of life to find inner peace, clarity, and balance. We offer a variety of meditation, spiritual, and holistic healing practices to help guide you on your journey. Our offerings include guided meditation, art, kundalini yoga, acupressure, oracle reading, and tarot reading. We are a universal church of love, and our mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment for anyone seeking spiritual enrichment and transformation. We look forward to helping you explore your inner self and find your own path to peace and harmony. Namaste.

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