DAILY DEVOTION- I Am Receiving the Message


DAILY DEVOTION- I Am Receiving the Message

5/10/23 I Am Receiving the Message

Yoga Sutra 3.17 

sandals rtha pratyayanam itare tara dhyasat samkaras tat pravibhaga samyamat sarva bhuta ruta jnanam 

The word, its implied object, and idea behind a word are mixed in the mind in a confused state due to superimposition.  By performing samyama on the sound, separation happens and there arises comprehension of the meaning of sounds made by any living being.   

When we hear a word the mind picks up its strongest samkara , memory impression about the word you have a mental picture forms instantly.  The we superimpose that image within the context of the sentence the word is in. Misunderstanding and confusion in ourselves comes from when our interpretation of the word is not how the user was meaning.  Our cognitive and emotional vibrations are not matching. 

Like the word “work”  can mean different things in different contexts.  If the speaker is speaking about a body of work,such as the sutras but your only reference to the word “work”  is hard labor than a confusion happens inside of us and we are misunderstanding the true meaning of the speaker.  

If we perform samyama on the sound that we will separate the word from the inner sankaras ( emotions).  This concentrate intently on the stillness to recite i’ve full communication no matter what language.  We will have an deep understanding of the meaning in the communication.  

I have noticed this as I study Sanskrit.  Some days I feel I am able to understand it with out the interpretation and that I know the language.  

 This deep listening technique is a lifetime of practice and will help me in my practices.  



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