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Yoga Sutra 3.15

kramanyatvam parinamanyatve hetuh 

The variation in transformation is caused by the variety in the underlying process. 

The awakened yogi see all diversity as substratum and understands the various stages of evolution have given us infinite forms

 Yoga Sutra 3.16 

parinama traya sayamad atita nagata jnanam

Practicing samyama on the three stages of change brings about knowledge of past and future.

All things are revealed to the power of perception when the simultaneous practice of nirodhah,samadhi & ekagrata parinama. 

This is how yogis gain the power of insight and are able to see in to the past or future as how it can change an incomplete mental potential to complete knowledge and understanding.  The tacan then use this as a power of concentration to any object as seeing its complete characteristics active or inert in its changing form.  The yogi notices this but does not use it for amusement. 

We see here again that we witness our skills along the path but not revel in them.  Like the thoughts noticing and letting them move on not clinging to them or craving they happen this is how we move into tampa neutral state of being and our perception sharpens as daily meditation practice becomes a practice of a day each day to be in states of mediation while in a daily life.  


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