DAILY DEVOTION- feeling family love


DAILY DEVOTION- feeling family love

5/6/23 feeling family love

Yoga Sutra 3.14

santo dita vyapdesya dharma nupati

The substratum is inherent in all characteristics in each object in nature whether they are to be active,latent,or unmanifested.  

Everything is made from the same thing, the same substratum ( dharmi ).  We know this to be true in science that everything is all down to the organization of the vibration frequency. This is also like knowing at the subatomic level that properties change but never disappear.  Water turns to ice or steam and is mutable all the elements are.  The active is in the present, this is where we can physically move things and cause action to occur. The future is latent energy.  An idea taking form needs energy.  the past is unmanifested.  It is all the unmanifested choices in our reality and the energy it takes to be there slows dharma down. The essential substratum of all prakriti is vibrational patterns of energy (spanda).  

 I had a great yoga dream the other night.  I was sitting in lotus and levitated while I was teaching a class and used it like a vehicle to get around the room. This was new to me but it was like I always knew how to do this from other lifetimes on the wheel of dharma.  I was happy about it but knew that I was not supposed to feel special or thrilled by it it was just a part of becoming more aware of the power of now and harness natural forces.  In fact I was talking to my students about this ability was inside everyone and anyone could access it by becoming one with it.  

I’m going to get into the dream interpretation of my dreams now.  The symbolism will give us all some insight into how the mind tells us stories and the body talks to us in this subconscious space.  

Here is a excerpt form this lovingly little website giving a few answers and great interpretations. https://www.liquidsandsolids.com/dream-of-levitating/#:~:text=2. You feel you’re,good about it.

2. You Feel You’re On The Road To Enlightenment

Another common and more positive interpretation is that you’ve been feeling better in your life recently, especially when it comes to your inner state and spiritual development. Saying that you’re “on the road to Enlightenment” can sound like setting too high expectations for yourself but if that’s what your subconscious is feeling, then you can expect to often have dreams of flying and levitating.

This type of dream often happens when we leave our spiritual comfort zone and try to fulfill our great potential in some way. This dream doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll succeed, of course – just that we’re taking the journey and feeling good about it.

6. You’ve Recently Managed To Cast A Heavy Burden Away

A floating dream is also very common if we’ve recently managed to shed away something that’s been weighing us down for a long time. In those cases, dreaming of levitating happens because of how happy and astonished we are with our newfound capabilities and freedom.

10. Your Life’s Goal Is To Be Supportive Of Others If You Dream Of Helping Them Levitate

The symbolism of dreams of levitation can also be very different if we’ve dreamt of helping someone else levitate. In this case, however, we’re not just observers of the other person’s success – we’re active participants in it.Most commonly, such dreams include a parent helping their child fly or a spouse helping their partner. Those are the most common support roles people take, so, it’s no surprise that our dreams often reflect them.If the dream feels positive, it means that you’ve either recently assumed this supportive role or you’ve been in it for a while – in either case, something has happened recently to remind you of this dynamic in your relationship with your partner or child, hence why you’re dreaming of it.

Here is what wikipedia says about dream yoga 


Its from tantric lineages and I have been reading up on it so that’s great that I am incorporating these into me dream states.  I have always been able to see through the veil and lucid dreamed.  I was taught formally to lucid dream and have been in constant study of psychology and have been a psychonaut  as well.  I can often see myself as the witness in the dream as I am simultaneously the actor or part of another character or even animal.  ) I can’t recall every being an intimate object. I am happy that I am getting clearer about a lot of old baggage and family trauma.  I am watching our family actively participate in changing the narrative to one or presence, peace and  positive understanding with compassionate boundaries to protect the next generation coming forward.  

The now is where all the action is !   


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