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At Beach House of Zen we are here in support and celebration of life’s tenderest moments. Enjoying life by spreading peace, love and harmony to all. We host services on the Last Sunday of the Month on the River. Contact us for more information on how to become a part of our growing community of compassionate creators.
angela prosser beach house of zen

Angela Prosser

Mystical Yoga, Muse, Oracle, and Teishin

Trained in mystical yoga in the Valley Of The Sacred In Santiago Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Angela’s passion is sharing her gifts with the world. As a result, she holds classes and private yoga sessions, works holistically with pranayama, kundalini, tantra, combining vinyasa and Hatha flow. Loving music, art, books, poetry, yoga, meditation, food and good company, she seeks to expand the comfort level and confidence of her engagements through the Union of the mind, body, spirit connection. She is a Muse who reads oracle cards, practices teishin (accupressure) and many forms of energy work. She is also an intuitive and loves holding space for and dropping in with others souls to help them feel comfortable and safe.

ashlee luallen

Ashlee Luallen

Massage Therapist , Reiki Master

Hello my name is Lulu (Ashlee Luallen) I’ve been a massage therapist for 10 years, Reiki master, certified in many Eastern modalities such as Shiatsu, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Cupping, and Qi Gong. The first three years of my massage career were spent working with a Chiropractor, where I worked on a lot of chronic pain and injury patients utilizing deeper focused therapeutic work. It is my passion to not only help facilitate healing but make it something accessible to everyone in the community. That being said, pricing is based on time. I don’t charge for deeper pressure or any of my available add ons (hot stones, hot towels, aroma therapy, cupping, reiki). Each session is personalized to fit the client’s unique needs and preferences and any of the tools I have available a yours to utilize in a session.

krystal singh

Krystal Singh

Designer & Social Manager

Hello, my name is Krystal and I create online fashion content while studying graphic design in college. I create UGC content on a series of platforms, including reviewing skin care, and clothing from brands. At the moment, I am taking commissions for graphic design projects in order to expand my experience.

estes love beach house of zen

Estes Love

Guitar Player and Singer

Este Loves can be found spreading good vibes, playing her guitar and singing original and familiar songs in her own unique and organic style. You can see her heart when she opens her mouth, and hear her soul when she sings her songs. She brings hope to this generation and reminds us that we can spread happiness through music.




Juanjamon formerly of “The Jam Kings of Florida” band called Cope has been playing music around the world for over 30 years and has appreciated many venues and festivals in this time as a member and guest of many bands primarily on saxophone, keyboards and vocals. Most notable bands as a member being Tampa raised were Cope, Juanjamon Band, Bootleg, Buffalo Strange, Positivity, Grin and Este Loves Band. Graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education, Juanjamon majored in Tuba while performing in Grin on saxophone, keyboards and vocals; giving high school students private lessons/masterclasses and teaching summer band camps across Florida. Being well versed in a broad spectrum of instruments, Juanjamon has a vast range of educational experience and knowledge that he brings to every music situation and encourages a hard work ethic to his students that challenges the student to focus on the details and be able to teach themselves rather quickly. Areas of expertise that can be utilized to enrich your musical journey are music performance, music composition, creating beats, lyric writing, (Rock, Jam, Funk, Reggae, Marching, Jazz) band performance/ arrangement/ image, Woodwinds, Brass, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals as well as intermediate levels of Piano, Guitar and Drums. Juanjamon has a desire to share his talents, experiences and personality with all people from all spaces in an effort to keep organic music alive for all generations to come.

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