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At Beach House of Zen we are here in support and celebration of life’s tenderest moments. Enjoying life by spreading peace, love and harmony to all. We host services on the Last Sunday of the Month on the River. Contact us for more information on how to become a part of our growing community of compassionate creators.
angela prosser beach house of zen

Angela Prosser

Mystical Yoga, Muse, Oracle, and Teishin

Trained in mystical yoga in the Valley Of The Sacred In Santiago Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Angela’s passion is sharing her gifts with the world. As a result, she holds classes and private yoga sessions, works holistically with pranayama, kundalini, tantra, combining vinyasa and Hatha flow. Loving music, art, books, poetry, yoga, meditation, food and good company, she seeks to expand the comfort level and confidence of her engagements through the Union of the mind, body, spirit connection. She is a Muse who reads oracle cards, practices teishin (accupressure) and many forms of energy work. She is also an intuitive and loves holding space for and dropping in with others souls to help them feel comfortable and safe.

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