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5/10/23 Worry is a waste 

Yoga Sutra 3.18 

samskara saksatkaranat our a jati jnanam

By observing past impressions through samyama,knowledge of previous births is obtained.  

It is the subtle body that carries impressions or kelshas and karmas from lifetime to lifetime.  In the stillness of meditation memories arise from this and previous lifetimes.  When we receive these impressions we can discern knowledge of them through the one pointedness and collect the threads (sutras) weaving (tantra) karma and vasanas (unmanifested desires) together. 

When I went to my last Vipassana Retreat for my 10 day silent mediation I was able to see this sutra come to fruition when I was in a deep meditative state in the Dharma Hall.  

I saw all the pains in my body as representations of scars from all the beings in my ancestral linage here on earth and beyond. It was a very trippy and self realizing moment when I understood that my spirit had always been a warrior and was in war after war fighting for justice and protecting my people. I saw myself as all the genetic linages before me some man some woman and then as alien and non bodied forms. I saw my karmic cycle of death and rebirth over and over and how all the present sankarhas where actual violations to the body in past life’s.  I am going to a past life regression seminar in a few weeks and I am eager to see if anything else comes from this new age technique.  

This was also very illuminating this self knowledge because my last past life regression was 10 years ago and I was told I was soulless or an angel. I went with soulless because I’m a Ginger and it seemed a lot less pressure than to be an angel.


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