5/11/23 Yoga Daily 

Yoga Sutra 3.19 

pratyayasya para citta jnanam

Yoga Sutra 3.20

na ca tat sa lambanam tasya visayi bhutatvat

Through samyama the thoughts of another can be known.  But perception through samyama does not bring knowledge of the mental factors that support the contents of another’s mind.  

When our concentrated mind is empty it is possible to be aware of another’s thoughts.  We must be able to discriminate ambient impressions from our own.  Even though we may be able to access others thoughts we do not know their memories or samskaras that originated the others thought process.

When meditating in my last vipassana course, in the group hall, I was aware of a strong thought to be a jazz singer. I sat with it and realized that was not my desire but someone else’s.  Later when we talked to each other I was told by a practitioner close to where I was sitting that she was having those thoughts.


I have also been able to hear others thoughts occasionally when I am out in the world and just zoning out someone’s sounds like they are talking aloud by I don’t see their lips move.  If I ask them what the sentence or 2 I hear internally means they will deny they said it but look shocked and then compose themselves to cover the thought I accidentally heard. Its usually when people are being deceitful or withholding in some way.  

I don’t feel this is special in anyway but a skill I naturally process through being in touch with spirit.  I have always had some ability and as I denied to it just caused more confusion in my mind.  When I embraced yoga and read the sutras I was happy to see these natural intuited powers are able to be accessed by everyone and there is a book laying out the process of how to hone the craft.

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