DAILY DEVOTION- Mother’s day


DAILY DEVOTION- Mother’s day

5/14/23 Mother’s day 

Yoga Sutra 3.21

kaya rupa samyamat grahame sakai stambhe caksuh prakasa samprayoge ntardhanam 

Yoga Sutra 3.22

elena salad dyantardhanam untam

By performing samyama on the form of the body to suspend receptive power, the contact between the eye of the observer and the light from the body is broken and the body becomes invisible smartly sound is suspended.  

by practicing the nirodhah parian a , samadhi patina a and ekagrata parinama upon the subtle energy of the physical body one can discern the specific function that makes the body visible to others.  The power of samyama is applies to interrupt the dynamic perception so that the link between the the perceiving eyes of others and the visible energy of the yogi is suspended.  The same is true for sound.  

This reminds me of Jedi mind tricks of Jedi Masters in Star Wars.  If we are all make up of matter and are one at the sub atomic level the practitioner can man ipulats the energy waves being transmitted so that the observer can no longer see the yogi as a solid object form or hear the sound that is being emitted.  

Is not it wild to think that we can obtain this type of master over our own body to the point of being able to control how we transmit ourselves out into the world?  

Look at highly trained athletes and mothers our will and mind control is a powerful thing and we need to learn to focus and control ourselves through daily practice to reach our potential.  Remember these are not special powers anyone who has practiced meditation to this level can achieve these “ supernatural”  skills.  As a mother giving birth to 2 children naturally i can attest that miracles of the body can be done and it is in our natural state to achieve these things.  Giving life and expelling another human out of a body cavity is a cellular miracle.    Happy Mother’s day !

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