DAILY DEVOTION- Steady as She Goes


DAILY DEVOTION- Steady as She Goes

5/30/23 Steady as She Goes 

udana jayaj panka kantakadisv asanga utkrantis ca

By misery over the ascending udana energy current one accomplishes levitation over, water, swamps, thorns etc and can leave the body at will.

Udana is the prank that directs the vital currents of the body upward.  Concentration of udana provides a feeling of lightness udana also carries impressions from the senses to the brain.  Concentration on Sattva Guna in the udana current can elevate the body above discomfort.  Focus on the udana in sushumma nadi will facilitate leaving the body voluntarily.  

I had the experience of feeling like I was starting to levitate when I was in a cacao ceremony at the Mystical Yoga Farm at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Did I just feel like this or was it really happening my roommate there said she saw it.  I got scared when it started to happen and i immediately fell back down onto the ground.  I was asking spirit to come into me and do their will to use me as a vessel.  I don’t know what the truth is but something happened to the person I call myself.  Was i the higher Self was it spirit was it a trick of the mind? 

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