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Yoga Sutra 3.41

samana jayaj jvalanam

By mastery over the samana energy current comes radiance to around the body.

Samana prana is the vital force responsible for digestion and nourishment of the entire body; it is located between the diaphragm and the navel.  Directing the power of consciousness to the samana generates an aura of effulgence and radiance.  

Yoga Sutra 3.42

srotra kasayoh sambandha samyamad divyam srotram

By samyama on the relationship between Akasha and the ear, supernormal hearing becomes possible.

Akasha (ether) is one of five fundamental elements (maha-bhutas) and arises from the subtle essence (tanmatra) of sound; the other elements being fire,water,and earth.  Akasha is considered to be the eternal all pervasive substratum that provides the ground for all other substances exist.  Akasha is only medium of sound thus is not a thing that has real existence. There is however a real relationship between the sense of hearing and Akasha. Samyama     upon this sattvic relationship awakens a supernatural sense of hearing.  This is the power of clairaudience.  

Yoga Sutra 3.43

kaya kasayoh sambandha samyamal laghu tula samapattes ca kasa gamanam. 

By samyama on the relationship between body and akasha lightness of cotton fiber is attained, thus traveling through the ether becomes possible.

Akasha, the formless void, has the property of sound; that is energy wave propagation with no form.  Contemplating the body as nothing but an organization of energy waves, being vacant like Akasha is to think of the relationship between body and akasha.  Samyama upon the inner sound ( Anahata-nada) transforms the I sense to energy of the Akasha and enables the lightness of form and to move effortlessly through space.

-Excerpts from Dennis Hill translation of the Yoga Sutras.

In Yoga Sutra 3.41 The  3rd Chakra is the power and storage of energy and the akashic records.  It helps in healing and digestion.  Gut instinct and wisdom. It makes sense to meditate on this area for wellness in the body since most organs are located there and digestion creates hormones in the body that create wellness throughout. When people are healthy thier have a radiance and thier skin glows in good health.  Yoga Sutra 3.42 talks of clairaudience, I have always had what I though was tinnitus but Kyra Yoga helped me to understand that this is Anahata-nada the white noise that is everywhere.  anahata means “un-struck” or “unbeaten,” and nada means “to flow.” I often have clairaudience with the dead or fragments of history. 

I always thought it odd because hearing is my poorest sense in the physical world.  I often can not distinguish separate voices in a crowd or understand some people clearly when they speak.  Its like I am taking so much other information in that they are giving off I can not hear their words when it does not match their body language.  I have yet to be light as cotton and move through the universe,  🙂   I guess I will keep mediating on it.  


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