6/2/23 I Am my Body

Yoga Sutra 3.44 

bahir akaipita vrittir maha videha tatah prakasa varana ksayah 

Beyond the body is the light of intelligent consciousness that is not cognitive in nature.  It is the universal intelligence that transcends the body.  Samyama on consciousness itself removes the veil that covers the light of cosmic intelligence.  

We are limitless and our spark of life is the universal intelligence in us all.  We identify deeply with the body as we are the body.  We are souls looking at this reality with a mind that is attached to a body.  When we see things in this perspective and mediate deeply on this the veil of Maya ( illusion) is pulled away to reveal the energy and vibration that connects all of us.  

Some days I see it so clearly other days I am so identified with a body that screams in pain.  I ignored it for years.  I now give it loving kindness and sit with the discomfort knowing it is reciting the past hurts and if I acknowledge them physical and emotional the body relaxes and does not feel the need to scream to be heard by the spirit.  This is a bio vehicle that I need to maintenance with care.  


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