DAILY DEVOTION- The Sisters Birthday


DAILY DEVOTION- The Sisters Birthday

6/6/23 The Sisters Birthday

Yoga Sutra 3.45

sthula svarupa suksma nvayartha vattva samyamad bhuta jayah 

Samyama on the essential nature(gross and subtle), interrelatedness and function of the elements one sees the essence of nature.

In the depth of meditation we witness the thought- object arising and dissolving.  Each vritti has its distinguishing characteristics and its unique pull on our attention.  Objects are a mere contraction of consciousness itself.  Knowing this we are not distracted from the bliss of self we know the intrinsic unity in all things thus we can remind immersed in self awareness and the bliss of just being.  

Yoga Sutra 3.46

tato nimadi pradur bahvah kaya sampat tad dharma nabhighatas ca

When the elements are mastered one is no longer disturbed by them.  FZrom this mastery comes the manifestation of the ability to become minute as well as other powers.  Mind and body reach perfection and extraordinary powers become possible.  

Through mastery of the elements one can change appearance to become invulnerable to the adversities of nature.  Even though the yogi may attain siddhis  he or she does not interfere with the natural process of the universe.  Destiny and karma play out without interruption.

Yoga Sutra 3.47

rupa lavanya bala varjrasamhananatvani kaya sampat

Beauty,Grace,Strength,and firm durability constitutes bodily perfection.

Attainment of the previous siddhis naturally manifest in a perfect integration of body, mind, spirit, nature, and breath.  The yogi becomes transparent to the inner perfection that resides in each of us as our true nature.  

Yoga Sutra. 3.48

grahana svarupa smita navayarthavatta samyamad indriya jayah

Mastery over the senses is achieved through direct perception of the senses observing their related object, how such objects are understood, the cognitive relationship with the objects are understood,the relationship with the object, how the object, the senses and the seer are interrelated and the results of the perception.

We have mastery over our senses and are aware of the influence our mind has with perceptions.  We are the impartial witness to our senses on an object.  Out of this comes the direct knowing that goes beyond the limitation of the senses and beyond the space and time limitations.  

Today is my Mother and my Aunts birthday in this plane of reality.  They have bother crossed over to another level of existence but I know they are still aware of this earthly plane.  I feel them and sense them externally and internally in my body I carry on the lineage and the genetics we share.  They are a piece of me and without them I would not have this body in its current form.  Without their spark of divinity I would not be on this path.  When I look in the mirror I see my ancestors in my minds eye my face morphs into each on of these women who have taught me along the way. They are gone from here but a part of all before me is in me and informs my body and mind if the previous generations wisdom encoded in my cells.   


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