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Te of Piglet
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Tao of Pooh Te of Piglet
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DAILY DEVOTION- s The last 2 Days

6/8/23 Learning to Fly

Yoga Sutra 3.49

tato manojavitvam vikaranabhavah pradhana jayas ca

When the sensations are understood in this way, the senses function with the speed of the mind and there is a direct sense perception transcending the sense organs and merging into unity with the primary cause.

Earlier sutras have discussed direct knowledge transcending rational or logical processes but now this sutra extends this siddhi to the sense as remote perception of sensory information.  

 We are a living in a holographic world and we can see what the universal consciousness knows by tapping into it.

6/9/23 Friday 

Yoga Sutra 3.50

sattva purusa nyata khyatimatrasya sarva bhava dhisthatrtvam sarva jnatrtvam ca

One who realizes the distinction between Buddhisattva and Purusha attains supremacy over states of being and becomes omniscient.

As we move along the path the natural course of sadhana will purify the mind of Rajas (activity) and Tamas (inertia), leaving only the serenity of sattva. Its a fine distinction to recognize the knower of the mind from the mind as an object of observation.  The pure knower has no sense of “I” while the Buddhisattva knows the “ I have become still”  the Buddhi knowing is stillness itself.  This means the pure nature is one with nature and understands its self and everything around it as it is emerged in all things.

 This morning I dreamed I killed my mother.  I had to I was angry that I had to defend myself or someone else and she was attacking so I had to kill her.  I was very upset and was talking to elders in my spiritual family and they were leading me into the Dharma Hall for mediation. Telling me it was fine it had to be done.  Then I woke up and it was time for my morning mediation.  As I sat down into my mediation I realized I could breathe deeply again.  I have been constricted for days due to physical pain and allergies.  

As I sat in meditation I went back into a dream like state where the spirit guides showed me the Archetype and how like in the fairy tales it is necessary for the evil mother to die or be banished for the heroine to be free. I understood that the archetype of the critical mother in me had to die as a natural outcome of the heroine, the good pure girl, maturing part of self who struggles into womanhood and is sabotaged by her evil step mother.  When realizing her birthright and power and stepping into it. By proxy the saboteur self destructs over jealousy and greed when they realize they hold no power over the emerging woman.I understood this all in a moment but its taken me much longer to try to explain. It was the synthesis of years of knowledge and inner guidance. 

Then I realized I was dreaming and started the smiling at the body, a mediation Thich Nhat Hanh recommended in his book The Buddha’s life and teachings. The inner smile mediation.  I have done Vippasanna for years but looking for the 49 areas of the body to smile at felt very nice.  I don’t think I have ever given my body or its parts a smile before. I have admired my body but never gave it friendliness in a form of internal compassion. This simple practice instantly lifts your mood.  

I put the link here if you want to practice this mediation practice.

https://youtu.be/gMhGXOXR-tk This is the Taoist Inner Smile Mediation.  

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