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6/12/23 DisCourage 

Yoga Sutra 3.51

tad vairagyad api dosa bija ksaye kaivalyam

By non attachment to even omniscience the seed of bondage is destroyed.  Then follows kaivalya, liberation.  

When we attach ourselves to any siddhi we are taking a step back on the path of liberation.  Noticing the heightened experiences with vairagya ( non attachment) will finally release in to Kaivalya.  

Yoga Sutra 3.52 

sthanhy upanimantrane sanga smaya karanam punar anista prasangat 

Any invitation to demonstrate yogic powers, even from one in authority is best declined.  Pride or attachment to siddhis will bring undesirable consequences.  

Yoga Sutra 3.53

ksana tat kramayoh samyamad vivekajam jnanam 

By samyama on the present moment one can discriminate true knowledge from false knowledge 

Mental constructs such as time and space are called vikalpa and when we can sit in free thought awareness we understand that this is also an illusion.  

Yoga Sutra 3.54

jati laksana desair anyata navacchedat tulyayos tatah pratipattih

With such discriminative knowledge one is able to differentiate between similar things appearing identical.  

In the direct knowing we will not be deceived by looks our misidentification physically and mentally will be broken and we will stay in awareness of all. 

Yoga Sutra 3.55

tara kay sarva visayam sarvatha visayam akramam ce it vivekajam jnanam

This direct knowing is comprehensive and transcendent.  It is the pristine truth arising from unconditioned and undivided intelligence in the eternal present. 

Well that’s just beautiful.  No explanation is needed. This verse is poetic and awe inspiring.

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