DAILY DEVOTION- Allergic to Life

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DAILY DEVOTION- Allergic to Life

6/13/23 Allergic to Life

Yoga Sutra 3.56

sattva purusayoh suddhisamye kaivalyam

When the mind attains the same purity as the Self (Purusha) there is liberation (Kaivalya).

Spiritual sadhana is the process of purifying the mind of nescience, ego, attachment, aversion, fear,activity and inertia.  Once the mind lets go of all mental constructs it relents to the inner stillness the pure self shines through.  Buddhi, in its purity reflects only the true Self.

This concludes Book 3 of the Yoga Sutras A means to Liberation by Pantanjali with commentary by Dennis Hill.  Dennis taught me the Yoga Sutra in my Yoga Teacher training at “ Mystical Yoga Farm”  back in 2013.  I have gone back to study his translations over and over through the years. 

Book 4  Kaivalya is the Final Chapter of the Yoga Sutras.  There are 34 Sutras about Kaivalya and how to obtain it and what it means.  

I have enjoyed this year long journey into the Sutras and as planned I will have completed my journey in July 2023 and the Sutras will be complete. Siri updated time frame is 17th of July , 2023 if I keep at one a day.

 I do not know if I will stop blogging the Daily Devotions or turn my attentions to other spiritual books I have been studying.  The upanishads or the chakra system and Vedic teachings. Buddha learned yoga and its education of the body and the system of the mind is a detailed and vast system to understand our true nature. If you are curious about one of these books or others let me know I might use it as my next inspiration.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SIDDHIS.  https://youtu.be/Fb0c_Bju9xw

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