DAILY DEVOTION- Days and Confused


DAILY DEVOTION- Days and Confused

5/29/23 Days and Confused 

Yoga Sutra 3.39 

bandha karana saithilyat pracara samvedac ca cittasya para sarira vesah

But weakening the bonds of the mind and body and by the knowledge of the workings of the mind, consciousness of self and others is revealed.  

Bondage of the mind and body are storing because of the ego, or conditioned identity.  Through the power of concentration and knowing “ I am not the body.  I have a body.”  the ties are weakened loosening he mind body connection understanding the vital flow of energy allows the awakened one to guide others in detaching form the body’s nod remembering ones true Self.

My shoulder and neck are out and I am identifying with the body heavily.  I will calm myself nurture and get rest for the long days of physical work we have been performing.  

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