4/12/23- A Sunny Day 

Morgans Tarot 

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The knowledge that the universe operates with no outside help and that you are an integral part of this phenomenon can have a liberating effect.

Yoga Sutra 2.33

vitarka badhane pratipaksa bhavanam

If thoughts arise that are contrary to the virtues of yama and ninyama the opposite state should be cultivated (pratipaksha bhamvama) 

The opposite of the negative or destructive state of mind is the state of yoga. The (sattvic) mind.  Anything that is light or good is sattvic.  If the mind goes towards the (Tamas) darkness it is best to go into the free form state of thought (nirvikalpa) of the sublime equanimity.  The impartial witness of the mind take refuge in the mantra if it is not easy to get back into this state.  Mantra- Japa of Pranava, OM or the maha-mantra of the yogi. Krishna, Rama and Hare can soothe the storm within and bring us back to center.  

Yoga Sutra 2.34 

vitarka himsadayah krta karita numodita lobha krodha moha purvaka mrdu madhya dhimatra duhkha jnana nantahala’s phala iti pratipaksa bhvanam.

Contrary thoughts and emotions such as those of violence- whether done. caused to be done, or even approved of – indeed, any thought originating in desire, anger, or delusion, whether mild, medium or intense do all result in suffering.  Neutralize such a state through its opposite.  

Destructive thoughts cause suffering, it leads to destructive actions and words. To Soothe of stop them with Sattvic actions , thoughts and mantras.

This seems pretty self explanatory.  Slow and stop all the thoughts that are not wholesome by replacing them with thoughts and actions that are wholesome.  

Todays Tarot  reminds us that we are but a part of the universe and it continues along without our help in any way.  The concept of self is one of the ego to make form of the formless.  It is another version of the universe not unfolding the way it should.  Who are we to try to control and universal order when we are integral art of it not separate.  This is very liberating and takes all the pressure off of us.  The world continues to turn without our assistance and we are free from any personal responsibility in making sure the universal operates accordingly.  

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