DAILY DEVOTION- I’ve got the Power

DAILY DEVOTION- I’ve got the Power

4/11/23 I’ve got the Power

Morgans Tarot  

pastedGraphic.png POWER


Power is the ability to manifest intentions.


Attaining power is relatively easy, but the side effects and consequences of using it are incredibly dangerous. Acquiring knowledge is usually a more beneficial endeavor for the individual.

Yoga Sutra 2.32

sauca samotosa tapah svadhyaye svara pranidhanani niyamah

Niyama consists of purity (saucha), contentment (santosha),self-discipline (tapas),study and mantra (swadhyaya), and absorption in the inner Self (Ishvarapranidhanam).  

Purity of mind, body and action brings us into alignment with the Self, which is a the beacon of purity.

 Here we see what is takes to move along the path of Dharma.   Niyamas- positive duties or observances-  purity of mind, contentment in our daily life, self discipline to keep following the path and studying the scriptures of the Spiritually enlightened that understood the path and the word or sound that help maintain the concentration in meditation and to devote oneself to the supreme truth or universal love. 

The tarot reminds me that power to manifest is easy but wielding it is hard.  Its through knowledge of how to use it to temper power with wisdom.  

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