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Traditionally the hand is used in palmistry to determine what is or what will be.


A hand can also be seen as a symbol of aid. This card can be a sign that help is on its way or a hint that someone around you needs help

Yoga Sutra 2.35

ahimsa pratisthayam tat samnidhau vairagya tyagah

When one is established in the harmless ( ahimsa), those near are at peace.  

The virtue of ahimsa is not in the non violence but in the observance that is born from a steady meditation practice.  When one is centered not only does the undisturbed inner peace keep us from harmless actions it becomes a calming force that shines in others company.  Once the veil of ignorance ( avidya) falls away The only attainment is surrender to that which has always been the the Self.

The tarot is pulling up a the to let me know the lind of day of being in service to others is not going unnoticed.  I am also receiving help as i am giving it mentally and physically.  I am in very “ real world”  work currently.  Looking at my life and each thing I do as my Dharma brings peace to each action.  No matter what the task enjoying it and giving my services freely without looking for alternate emotions or physical actions to reciprocate or match my energy that I am expending.  Leading life this way has freed me mentally over and over as i learn to stand in my outnumbering truths.  

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