DAILY DEVOTION- I Still Don’t Understand


DAILY DEVOTION- I Still Don’t Understand

4/15/23 Crash Into Me 

Morgan’s Tarot

pastedGraphic.png I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND


It’s too late now to explain. We’ll catch you next time around.


Bewilderment always waits in ambush. Relax — we’ve got you covered.

Yoga Sutra 2.36

satya pratisthayam kriya phala srayatvam 

When the yogi is firmly established in truth (satya), the power of fruitful action is acquired.  

Not only what we say as truth but what we say mindsets as the truth.  It becomes so without action (staya) transcends all karma.  

Yoga Sutra 2.37 

asteya pratishayam sarva ratno pasthanam

When the yogi is firmly established in honesty ( asteya) riches present themselves.  

Asteya means (non- stealing) inner riches ( jewels) and outer riches. This is a jewels they talk of inner riches and honest people attract favorable positions and people naturally trust and share with them. The inner wealth a state of contentment shows externally and is present in everything. 

Yoga Sutra 2.38 

brahmacarya pratishayam virya labhah

When one is established in moderation (brahmacharya) pirutal vitality is gained. 

Brahmacharya literally means- The path to truth.  This meant abstinence of sex for the monks,  promiscuity for the householder and now it is seen as moderation of all things including sexuality to enhance the vitality of the spirit.  To be equal in all things leads to a stillness in self (Sadhana.)

Yoga Sutra 2.39 

aparigraha sthairye janma katamta sambodhah.

When the yogi is confirmed in non possessiveness (aparigraha) there arises knowledge of the “ how and “why” of existence.  

Meditation takes us to the ground floor of our true being.  We can see our foundation and the building blocks that the ego and conditioning of the mind leads to our stories and the drama of our daily life.  Looking at ourselves from the perspective of stillness helps us to see what our purpose is and what our future holds.  Possessiveness keeps us clutching onto our worldly stuff.  When we realize it is not necessary for true happiness we turn inward and see the imagined limitations we place on ourselves.  

The tarot card leads me to this last Sutra perfectly.  As I sit in stillness the confusion will cease and my limited perspective widens and my understanding of self and my self imposed limitations slowly dissolve.  

I have been sitting in a holding pattern for a few weeks and I haven’t felt this way since I graduated with my 200 hour YTT in Guatemala.  I always have a sense of divine timing …Kairos but sometimes I did not know what the next move in this world is, so I stay the path.   I know from previous experience to sit quietly and wait for things to unfold.  I do not try to hurry things along or force something externally to happen I work in a naturally and slow rhythm of nature and the next opportunity shows up.  

Have you ever been driving along to somewhere you know you  are going and the road look unfamiliar for a minute?  Then you get your bar rings and remember where you are along the road and then you remind yourself know how far along you are to the destination?  Those “AH HA” moments are often “ Oh Yeah”  for me.  I forgot where I was on the road but remembered again.  This is how I perceive my life’s path.  Its a clear path and I have my GPS set so even if it looks unfamiliar I can be confidant I am going the direction I intended.   


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