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Morgans Tarot 

pastedGraphic.png BABA


Baba means “loving father” in Hindi and is a name or title assumed by many east Indian gurus or spiritual teachers.


Baba also means God.

 Yoga Sutra 2.40

saucat sba nag jugupsa parair asamargah

From purity follows a withdrawal from enchantment over ones own body as well as a detachment from contact with others.  

Living in this world we devote much energy to satisfaction of our desires, comforts , pleasures and personal goals.   Coming to yoga turn us in to the riches  of inner self.   We then find the contentment and satisfaction in all the things that we once had a attachment and craving too.  We look at the outworld world in a new way as our internal world becomes richer from purifying our thoughts words and deeds.  We seek simplicity and solitude. 

Yoga Sutra 2.41

sattva suddhi saumanasyai kagrye ndriya jaya tma darsana yogyatvani ca

From mental purity there arises cheerfulness, power of concentration, control of the senses, and a fitness for Self- realization. 

Mental purity is contentment, mental stillness and equanimity.  We are happy with our state of being and not depending on outter circumstances for our well being.  When we are not distracted by the mind we can focus on where the dharma is leading us along the path.  We must restrain the mind through asana and meditation.  ( Asana- is the pose or posture taken in hatha yoga).  

Yoga Sutra 2.42

samtosad anuttamah sukha labhah

Contentment brings supreme happiness.  

If we are content with our inner lives and not dependent on outside factors beyond us we will be in a state of supreme happiness. We will keep the mind calm and restrained and allow the inner contentment to bring us the happiness that comes from equanimity.  

The tarot is loving father in Hindi or a Indian Guru. I have been listening to “The Surrender Experiment” by Micheal Singer.  I had the pleasure to meet him a few months ago when he signed this book for me to give to my dearest friend Jessica for her birthday present.  He has been talking about his spiritual journey and how Yoginanda and Baba Muktananda helped him along his spiritual journey.  I now have pulled the Baba card.  Life’s CO inside cues are just guide posts along the way letting me know the path is clear. 🙂 


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