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4/18/23 The Door is Open


The Akashic Records contain the entire cosmic drama in all its dimensions, including the future and the past. The records are available to the psyche of the reader and various portions of them can be tapped. For further information, please consult the head librarian located somewhere in the main library.

Yoga Sutras 2.43

 kaye ndriya siddhir asuddhi ksayat tapasah 

Austerities (tapas) destroy impurities and with the ensuing purification of the body and sense organs, physical and mental powers (siddhis) awaken

Here we learn that (tapas)- discipline or literally burning enthusiasm, destroys impurities in the body and the sense organs and physical and mental powers (siddhis)- awakening the body and mind to its true natural powers.  I remember the first time reading this I was so interested in the yogic super powers, but it warns us in later verses that this is not the goal but the clam bliss within is.  If we are enamored by our heightened abilities we take pride in them and we reintroduce nescience, ego, attachment and craving again leading us in a vicious  cycle.  This is why it’s important to preserve our self discipline.

Yoga Sutra 2.44

svadhyayad ista devata samprayogah

Swadhyaya is a direct means to absorption in the divine presence. 

This means self reflection or self study along with reading philosophical literature, studying your own personal nature and the mantra japa. Reciting mantras This practice brings understanding and immersion in the Sanskrit phrases contain vibrations and the act helps to purify the body and mind. Practiced daily helps create continuation and momentum Swadhyaya is a powerful practice that brings transformation.  

I am currently working on my daily devotions and this is Swadhyaya as I write this.  I have noticed that I will often have a innate understanding of Sandskirt and am learning the root words as I have been writing this blog 12/29/22.  Four months of keeping my promise to myself and working through my grief of the loss of my mother (Ama)  by devoting myself to a daily spiritual practice.  I find comfort in these scriptures and can feel how they are still inspiring after 2,000 years.  I notice a change in my thoughts and my ADHD and anxiety have decreased.  My health and mental stability has increased.  I have been a practitioner of Yoga for over 10 years.  Now revisiting this book has led me to a deeper understanding of the sutras and myself. 

Here are five simple ways to deepen your practice of self-study, or Svadhyaya:

  1. Meditate. When it comes to the cultivation of self-knowing, meditation is probably the best practice. …
  2. Study the wisdom teachings. …
  3. Journaling. …
  4. Practice Yoga. …
  5. Spend solitary time in nature.

I realized I have pulled the Door Open to the Akashic Records again.  I am not pulling another card.  I thought it was a mistake until I saw I had pulled it on 4/8 and today is 4/18 ten days later on the same month I take this as a sign to honor my 10 year anniversary to opening myself up to the universe and allowing the flow of life in to my heart.  I am listening to The Surrender Experiment by Mickey Singer.  I have given myself to the universe before and followed the bread crumbs along the path but when I struggle I know its because I am forging my own path instead of allowing the universe to hand my the opportunities that my small mind could not fathom.  The Akashic Records can be a way to deeper Swadhyaya.  Notice how these lists can be used in unison.  

Tips for Reading the Akashic Records

  1. Ground yourself. …
  2. Say a Opening Prayer Out Loud. …
  3. Ask For the Information You’re Looking For. …
  4. You’ll Receive Only What is Important for you now. …
  5. Ask for Permission. …
  6. Close the Records. …
  7. Write Down Your Messages


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