DAILY DEVOTION- Skipping the light


DAILY DEVOTION- Skipping the light

5/3/23 Skipping The Light

Yoga Sutra 3.12

tatah punch santoditau tulsa pratyayau cittasyai kagrata parinamah

The mind become one pointed when the subsiding and rising though waves are similar.  This is ekagrata parinama. 

Ekargrata parinama- One point focus without being scattered.

Ekargrata is further refinement from Samadhi parinama . This is the single pointed focus after passing through the gate of samadhi it is the point of balance between thoughts like on a teeter totter its the fulcrum point that allows each person to balance.  It allows the balance of passing thoughts and is a point of stillness between them and the space between.  There is an effortless awareness in the light of the present.  

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