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Yoga Sutra 3.9

Vyutthana nirodha samskarayor abhibhava pradurbhavau nirodha ksana cittanvayo nirodha parinamah

Nirodha parinama is the transformation of the mind in which the mind becomes permeated by the condition of nirodha ( stillness)., which intervenes momentarily between an impression that is disappearing and the impression that is taking its place. 

This is the mind’s process of change from fluctuation to stillness the space between the 2 processes.  Samskara can be seen as imprints or impressions on the mind and manifest as sensations in the body.  The more stillness is accessed the more this impression is put upon the mind.  The sea of change where the dominate pattern becomes stillness instead of fluctuation and the impressions of samskara are multiplying in the stillness (nirodha). The information continues to be accessed and refereed butter samsara’s no longer form due to the dominance of stillness.

Yoga Sutra 3.10

tasya prasanta vahita samskarat

Steady practice of tranquility assures a serene mind

For inner stillness one must be in persistent state of the impartial witness. Then samskaras start to becomes displaced and no longer form.

Yoga Sutra 3.11

Sarvarthatai kagratayoh ksyayo dayau cittasa samadhi parinamah

Samdhi parinama is the gradual settling of distractions and the simultaneous using of one pointedness. 

Nirodha parinam brings a peaceful inner state from which the world can be surveyed.  Samdhi parinamah attention can be focused to single object and attention can be obtained for a long period of time.

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