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4/30/23 A Sunday Drive

The entire Morgans Tarot is complete and now I am focusing on the daily devotion of Yoga Sutras.  

Yoga Sutra 3.6

tasya bhumisu viniyogah

Mastery is attained in stages

There are three gates to the path of mastery; each one is passed through in sequence and none skipped 

First gate- Samyama on the object of knowledge absorption must be exclusive 

Second gate-  Absorption of the senses free from the mind not reacting to the world.

Third gate -Final absorption is awareness knowing itself.  

This is liberation. (Kaivalya).  

Yoga Sutra 3.7

trayam antarangam purvebhyah

These three limbs are more internal than the previous three.  

Dharana,dhyana,and samadhi are internal practices, yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, and pratyhara are the external practices.

Yoga Sutra 3.8

tad api bahirangam nirbijasya

But these three are external to nirbija samadhi – without seed.  

Nirbija Samadhi- having no object is awareness in itself as a radiant conscious who’s nature is equanimity and bliss.

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