8 limb yoga


4/28/23 Morgan’s Tarot 


Consciousness, the key force of the mind, is active in the sense that transmutation occurs as consciousness increases. Assuming that you have an ego at this point, the time has now come for you to attain universal consciousness. 

If you haven’t found the switch to universal consciousness, keep looking. Examine Morgan’s Tarot and you may find a switch or a whole series of switches taking you, O Traveling One, ever closer to the Main Switch. If upon turning various switches it does not seem that you have found the Main Switch, don’t be discouraged. Each switch reveals a clue as to the whereabouts of the Main Switch. 

For those of you who are on automatic control, there is little to say. In any event, Morgan’s Tarot is fun for all ages — family and friends. 

Yoga Sutra 3.2

tatra pratyayai katanata dhyanam 

One pointed steadfastness of the mind is dhyana (meditation).  

Like Dharana it is steady concentration but Dhynana is a continuous focus on the state or quality rather than the physical aspect. Dhynana is no longer concerned with the who what why or how of the object or mediation just the this is what it is.

Yoga Sutra 3.3 

tad eva rthhamatra nirnhasam svarupa sunyam  iva samahih 

In meditation the true nature (svarupa) of the object shines forth, not distorted by the mind. That is samadhi.

Samadhi is not a practice but a condition that arises when we see that we are the witness, the in dweller.  Samadhi means we clearly see what that what is is a reality of the mind we go from a material world an emotional or a spiritual world we are just happy being in the present.  


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