3/23/23 The Birth of Anew

Morgans Tarot


Just do it — awareness comes only in the reality of experience.

Yoga Sutra 2.14 

te hlada paritapa phalah punya punya hetutvat

The karmas bear fruits of pleasure and pain caused by virtue and harm.

Karma will return to us again and gain because of our attachment to the outcome of action.  Pleasure or pain when we let it stay with us and in us we continue to store them in our body.  When we do any action as the impartial witness we occur no new Karma.  We can burn samskaras as being the witness and allowing them to leave the body as we let go to the pleasure or pain in our mind and body.

When and how to do it…Do it NOW.  Awareness comes only from the reality of the experience. When we see things as they are and not make a judgement of attachment to them in the world and observe as we are watching a play.  We can not change or move the players and wanting or wishing the play your are watching was different is a waste of thought and creates suffering in the body. 

Just let it go now.  You are simultaneously the actor , the narrator and the witness.  If you allow the NOW to just pass as the witness the narrator will start to tell a different story and the actor will act in a way that is much different when the witness sees the entire stage not just the role the actor knows.  

Enjoying life on a daily basis is the goal.  Its our thoughts and our attachment that we are our thoughts that keep us small and unable to see the entire stage.  The actor refused to believe the audience exists. 

Even when it does hear the narrator of their life they refuse to believe the narrator can tell any other story than the one the actor knows.  But the actor one knows its lines.  They only know the part they play.  They really don’t even know what the play is about.  We just let this idea go and realize that the witness sees the entirety and has a broader perceptions of what the play is even about.


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