3/21/23 The universe is not unfolding for me 

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Actually the universe is unfolding the only way it can — the way it is.

Someone once said, “The most difficult lesson we have to learn is that we are always in the right place at the right time.”

The basic message here is that regret and guilt are not useful emotions.

Yoga Sutra 2.13 

sati mule tad vipako jaty ayur bhogah

When the karmic root remains its fruition is rebirth, span of life and experiences of pleasure and pain.  

Samskaras – (latent impressions of mental and physical actions) manifesting from some (affliction)- kleshas are called karmashaya.  If its a virtuous samskara, it results in beneficial karma in  this and the next lifetime.  If its harmful impression it will bring unhappiness now and later. These impressions get burned out by the yogic dharma or reinforced.  When karmashaya is brought in to the next lifetime it is called -vasana and results in a rebirth of the same sanskaras and propagates pain and suffering again or it can be burned out through restrained mind and working on right action and never come back again.  

We are back to the age old phrase-  “You reap what you sow.” So, sew. – many cultures use a weaving and the red strings of our fate as a metaphor to show how we are all intertwined.  The Norse, the Chinese, the Japanese,the Hebrews, the Greeks, and many Indigenous cultures use at least three women to sew the fate of  humankind.  We see it here in the Yogic tradition.  We are all responsible for the what we are adding to the loom.  If we want a beautiful

 tapestry we must be careful what we are doing, to be careful of what we are doing we must be careful of what we are speaking, to be full of care of our thoughts.  If we monitor our thoughts and go into the place of stillness we can burn the seeds of destruction.   

I have been listening to several of Michael (Mickey) Singers talks as a spiritual teacher and author of the “Untethered Soul”.  I recently had the honor of meeting him in a chance encounter.  I have never read the book or listened to his teaching before.  They are simple and profound.  

“The universe is not unfolding the way it should.” Why do we have such a brief and we are the center action for the entire existence? The present mooney just happens and the laws of nature and physics are all around us.  We are merely the observer of what is happening in the present moment. When we judge it as good or bad we are making problems in our own minds. The world will keep spinning without us we are a part of the entire existence on the planet, the solar system, the universe.  

So why would we ever think that our small limited view is in charge of controlling and entire universe we know little to nothing about? Its because we are crazy and Yoga Sutras, Zen teachings and other spiritual leaders throughout mankind existence have realized that there is a greater perspective that we are completely missing.  The path is writing down by these deep thinkers and philosophers to help illuminate ( bring a light) to our dark ideas and limited sight.  They provide insight on how the reality of the situation is for our mind and body.

Worry, fear, anger,resentment,pain is a manufactured thought process in the mind.  So is love, happiness, pleasure, and gratitude.  If you want the good feels you got to manufacture them.  You have to cultivate the seeds, you have to create a strong thread to weave into the tapestry of fates. It’s easy but a daily practice of being grateful for each moment you witness as it is.  Just be the witness and our energy level in our body will increase as we expend less with the internal struggle of self.


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