3/24/23 All that Glitters is Gone

Morgans Tarot 

pastedGraphic.png DU WACKY DU


Originally this was a tall, thin bird that rapidly peeked (not pecked) through many windows. Later it was a tall, thin bird staring around itself at the dull, stupid life of the Modern Age. Finally it assumed its present form.

Yoga Sutra 2.15

parinama tapa samskara duhkhair guna vrtti virodhac ca duhkham eva sarvam vivekinah

The discriminating person knows that attachment to worldly objects lead to fear, anxiety, reinforcement of samskaras and constant change.

Through the attachment of pleasure form objects comes the fear and anxiety of change and loss.  They are a byproduct of clinging and craving for a pleasurable sensation. This seeking of pleasure in the outside leads to suffering when we sit in the true nature of self with a meditation practice we learn to transcend the attachment and the true bliss we are looking for is inside of us.  It is ever present and never changing.  What we are seeking chan not be found in the outside world only in the inner world of self.  Our fear of abandonment will be expelled and the karmic wheel will stop as we we sit in the bliss of self perpetually happy and content.  

We are all looking at life back assward as this duck represents.  All of our external striving is a huge waste of our energy and and depletes us of our life force.  When we sit with the chi/ life force energy of self we see our external world change and our energy increase beyond our external limit.  




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