7/1/23 Cancer Party

Yoga Sutra 4.15

vastu samye citta bhedat tayor vibhaktah panthah 

The same object is seen in different ways by different minds

When and object is perceived instantaneously associations 

“with vasana and samskara is made through memory.  Then arises a story for the context of the object.  Everyone will have a different association for each object in the appearance based on past perceptions and feeling associated with the object.  Being the impartial witness is to see the objects in their true nature and not overlay our conditioning onto it.  

Yoga Sutra 4.16

na caika citta tantra vastu tad apramanakam tada kim syat

The existence of an object is not dependent on the perception of only a single mind.  

The seer is the witness to the object and it has its own nature coming from the same substratum that all matter is made from.  The single mind does not create the object but the object is of itself had a nature.  The minds see the object as it is and are not interdependent and knowability is common to all. 

Today is the Cancer Crab party under the 275 bridge. The river folks and friends are getting together under the shade of 275 to create a July bash for all of us.  We are working together as a community to make one thing happen.  We all have ideas and perception of this object but we are all working in multi faceted ways so we will not know its final product of how it will be we are only using our past perceptions to create in intangible object (party) in the future.


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