DAILY DEVOTION- Slow and Steady


DAILY DEVOTION- Slow and Steady

5/27/23 Slow and Steady 

Yoga Sutra 3.35 

hrdaye citta samvit

By samyama on the heart center, the knowledge of the mind -stuff is gained.

The mystical heart is considered to be the center of consciousness the pure I sense,  Deep mediation in the heart center can relive al the inner workings of the mind.  we can feel and discriminate that the mind is not aware but it is consciousness itself that is the seer of the mind and the body.   

Yoga Sutra 3.36 

sattva purusayor atyanta samkirnayoh pratyaya viseso bhogah parathatvat svartha samyamat pursuant jnanam 

The intellect (buddhisattva) and the Self ( Purusha) are completely different; the intellect exists for the sake of the Self, while the Self exists for its own sake,  THe cause of experiencing dualities of pleasure and pain is caused by not distinguishing the two.  By samyama on the distinction, knowledge of the Slef is awakened (Purusha Jnanam).

The mind ( Buddhi) exists to operate the body and personality in the world.  To present what is seen or experienced to the (Purusha),the impartial witness. It is up to the intellect that must discriminate Buddhi from Purusha.  Buddhi must over come its own activity through meditation to become predominately  (sattvic) balanced, pure clean strong energy,  Upon cessation of Buddhi, Purusha becomes self realized.  

After going through a synchronistic energy experience with my friend Robyn I have a spiritual hangover.  I have had so many amazing things happen to me recently I cant seem to keep up.  This is also why I need my daily devotion to keep myself centered and grounded.  

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