DAILY DEVOTION- Birds of a Feather


DAILY DEVOTION- Birds of a Feather

5/18/23 Birds of a Feather 

Yoga Sutra 3.25

balesu hasti baladini 

By samyama on the physical strength one can gain the strength of an elephant.  The same is true of other strengths (such as mental,moral,psychic and spiritual).

The elephant is a symbol of strength and represents the power with in us when the one point directness is on the ability of choice be it mental, physical, psychic  moral or spiritual.  

Yoga Sutra 3.26 

pravrtty aloka nyasat suksma vyavahita viprakrsta jnanam

Through samyama on the intelligent light of consciousness itself, is revealed knowledge of subtle, hidden and distant objects and phenomena.  

  There is nothing  to be hidden or any inquiry that will not be known to the intense focus  on the inner light of intelligence  This is beyond exploration of sense but a direct knowing because the seer is omnipresent and ever knowing.  

This reminds me of growing up in church with an omnipotent God and we are made in his image do we then process the powers of the Universal God when we are focused and pure in our thoughts words and deeds?  

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