DAILY DEVOTION- Wednesday Musing


5/17/23 Wednesday Musing 

Yoga Sutra 3.24

maitryadisu balani

By performing samyama on friendliness, or any other attribute, great strength in that quality is obtained. 

 When we apply samadhi on the parinama on the virtues of friendliness compassion kindness and any other good virtue it strengthens that quality and we have the power to give joy and healing to others in the mindset of suffering while not doing anything.  

In the end of all my Vipassana Sessions we give Meta ( loving kindness)  to ourselves our friends our enemies and all those we have never met.  We send out love and compassion to the world and its an energetic frequency that we are then receiving from others sending Meta out into the world.  This is how we can hep raise and change the vibration of those around us the more we ourselves are strengthened in the practice of friendliness.  

I am having a  childhood friend over for the weekend going to the Hay House convention “ I can do it !”  Looking forward to being with a host of others learning and growing in metaphysical practices.   I am sure to learn a new trick or 2!

DAILY DEVOTION- Wednesday Musing

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