DAILY DEVOTION- As the River Flows


DAILY DEVOTION- As the River Flows

5/28/23 As the River Flows

Yoga Sutra 3.37

tarth pratibha srvana vedana dara’s arvada varna jayante

From the spontaneous enlightenment follows intuitional hearing, touching, seeing, tasting,and smelling

After the siddhi of direct knowing is attained through he practice of nirodhah parinama, samadhi parinama, and ekagrata parinama, supernormal sensory powers arise spontaneously, without concentration.  They simply arise of thier own unbidden.

Yoga Sutra 3.38 

te samadhav upasarga vyutthane siddhayah 

These supernatural sense are siddhis when the mind is turned outward, but obstacles in the way of nirbija samadhi.

The yogi comes to a fork in the road once the practices bring siddhis.  To continue the path of liberation ( kaivalya) is to release any attachment to display of yogic siddhis, as this will be a source of chittavrittis ( mind chatter)  and incompatible with inner content. not he path of ( kaivalya) siddhis come and go they are noticed but do not become a distraction.  We do not revel cling or attach to them we notice that we are becoming shaper turned instruments but take no great pride in this. Finding amusement we can become stuck here and practice for our own benefits of th power of the sharpened mind.  But the ability to become super human is not the goal.  Liberation is the goal.

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