DAILY DEVOTION-Always Remembering

Always Remember This

DAILY DEVOTION-Always Remembering

4/28/23 Daily Devotion- Always Remembering

Morgans Tarot


Morgans Tarot 

pastedGraphic.png ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS


The attempt to remember every insight can place a self-defeating strain on the mental system. Hence, for some it may be more useful to keep things simple and let the unselfconscious self be in charge.


However, due to the transitoriness of existence and the impermanence of our knowledge, and for the sake of consistency, a memory system can be quite useful.

Yoga Sutra 2.52

tatah ksiyate prakasa varanam

From the Fourth pranayama, the veil over the light of consciousness (prakasha) is lifted.

Prakasha is the light of consciousness by which everything else is known.  We sv-end our time focused on the contents of awareness.  In the contentless void of the fourth pranayama  all we can know is the intelligent power and all we can see is that of which we are looking at.  We come to discover our true self as the inner light of the witness of the appearance. 

Yoga Sutra 2.53 

dharanasu ca yogyata manasah 

Thus the mind becomes fit for concentration (dharana) 

The Sanskrit root of dharana is dri  ( to hold) this means to hold mental concentration on and object, practice of teaching.  Specifically in Astana prayamama.  it points to the ability to keep inner concentration on the emptiness instead of form.  

Yoga Sutra 2.54

sva visayasmprayoge citta svarupanukara ive ndriyanam pratyaharah 

When the mind is withdrawn from the sense objects, the sense orgasm also withdraw themselves from thier respective objects an thus are said to imitate the mind.  This is known as pratyahara.  

The sense are a slave to the mind and go wherever the mind directs.  when the mind turns inward and focuses on the breathe the sense become quiet when the mind withdraws the sense withdraw and the inner stillness can be used for focusing on the task at hand.  

Yoga Sutra 2.55 

tatah parma vasyate ndriyanam

As a result of theses means there follows control over the senses.

Asana provides a firm foundation.  Pranayama provides a focus for the mind to regulate the flow of prana- life energy.  Pratyahara is the focus of the mind to internal process that restrain the senses.  The sense loose interest in the external and become immersed in prana and self awareness. This does not stop out of meditation and we are able to talk it out into the world as the state of being as we interact with the world.  

As my tarot reminds me intellectual pursuit in remembering every revelation is a stressful endeavor.  I am reminded that the time of tarot is done.  I have now pulled every card in this deck.  This is also the end of book two of the Yoga Sutras.  I am on to Book 3 in the next daily devotion.  I have been allowing the unconscious to be in charge of my life and it has been turning out well.  I am peaceful and enjoying my time working diligently in my practice of peace and my life.  I no longer see devotion as separate from my daily activities of work and family but family and work as an expectation of my spirituality.  this is where I have been practicing what I received in knowledge.  Practice makes perfect! 

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