DAILY DEVOTION-Robots flow orders

DAILY DEVOTION-Robots flow orders


4/23/23 Robots flow orders

Morgans Tarot 

pastedGraphic.png The Robot

Mechanical thinking will take you no further than the robot on this card can go.

Yoga Sutra 2.50

bahya bhyantara stambhavrttir desa kala samkhyabhih paridrsto dirgha suksmah

Pranayama has external internal and stationary operation and when observed according to space, time, and number, becomes long and subtle. 

bahya= out breath 

abhyatara=in breathe

stambha=pause or bottom of the breathe

In Astanga yoga pranayama is practiced to be both long and subtle.  We sit in stillness in the mind the breathe also becomes still and we find ourselves floating in a space for unknown periods of time when in a meditative state.  Pranayama as a Tantric practice aimed to awaken the Kundalini energy ( Shakti ).  Pantanjali  does not mention Kundalini as a practice of energy but he does mention tantric breath work ( tantra- weaving).  We are learning to loose ourselves and our breathe by following the breathe and finding the spaces longer and longer in between the breathes the floating sensation inside the body starts to develop. 

Yoga Sutra 2.51 

bahya bhyantara visaya keeping caturthah 

The Fourth ( chaturthah) pranayama is transcendent to the external and the internal operation.  

Dennis Hills makes commentary of the Upanishads here referencing them that the fourth state is to objective or subjective but a 4th state arises from the rise, fall and natural pause of the breathe in the pranayama state.  This is that mediation experience that we are not aware of our boundaries and our minds starts to become limitless as we are sitting in perfected stillness in our body and mind.  Here it is also recommended that the diet become simple nad with little to no animal fat.  Fasting is a quickened and will help the body in the meditation process.  

In Mickey Singers “ The Surrender Experiment” he talks of living on a dinner salad daily when he was working in heavy meditation states to achieve this and break free from his egoic identity when he first started his spiritual journey. I also know this to be true.  When I sit for my 10 day silent mediations I become entranced and food becomes obligatory.  The lighter the food the easier for the body to process and sitting conserves energy needed for the mediation trips.  🙂  The tarot does let me know that this methodology thinking will only get me so far in life.  It is the use of intuition not wrote memorization and critical thinking that helps me get to the stages needed along my path.  lInear thinking assumes the path it straight 🙂


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