DAILY DEVOTION-Its a Blustery Earth Day


4/22/23 It’s a Blustery Earth Day 

Morgan’s Tarot 


It is a total coast from here to enlightenment and total liberation. Cut the strain and flow into what is. Buddha will watch over the situation.

Yoga Sutra 2.49

tasmin sati svasa prasvasayor gati vicchedah pranayamah

Asana having been perfected ,regulation ( vicchedah) of breath by the pause in either inhalation or exhalation constitutes a pranayama. 

 Pantajali sees pranayama as either in breathe with a pause or out breathe with a pause.  We find space between the breathe.  This is were the seat of mediation is.  Observing the natural stillness that occurs when we focus on the breathe.  We can be in constant meditation if we focus on the breathe in all things we do.  If we forget come back to the breathe deep regulated breathing will change the restrictions your body has to reactions.  The pause between the breathes allows of the higher self to observe the world and always the mind to act in accordance with the spirit not to react.  

Pranayama  broken down

  •  prana –  life force 
  • ya – to bring forth 
  • ma – to  nurture  

 Pranayama means- life force to bring forth and nurture.

Pranayama  as a word is an entire concept.  Many Sanskrit words are concepts and ideas not just a noun or a verb.

The tarot reminds me to just allow life to happen and flow with the nature instead of using will and relax into each day in a positive blissful way.  I have an underlying tension and general anxiety that sits in my body allowing it to drop away and just enjoy being is a revolutionary act for most of us.  I am also reading  The Heart of the Buddhas Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh that I borrowed from the Community of Mindfulness Library.  Chapter Six talks about the calming resting and healing that Buddha asks us to do to still the mind and body.  He points out the even when we are sick we do not rest we are in action to a Doctor for medicine right away so we can continue to work and move.  Our culture does not like to rest and reflect and we are shamed, not rewarded for listening to what our body needs. 

I have been on prednisone this week because my headaches and allergies are so bad I could not stand of think.  I was shaming myself for being lazy but I realized I am not well and shaming my body only diminishes my energy.  I have read 3 books from spiritual masters that offer a path of rest and relaxation into life.  I think I will listen to them over the chatter in my mind of previous conditioning. 


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DAILY DEVOTION-Its a Blustery Earth Day

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