DAILY DEVOTION-The Parodies Over


4/21/23 The Parodies Over

Morgans Tarot 

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Despite the obvious function of symbols, direct revelation has the primal place in realization. There are many means of communication that do not involve words, and the appearance of this card in a reading might mean that nonverbal messages are being sent.

Yoga Sutra 2.48

taro dvandva nabhighatah

When asana is mastered there is a cessation of the disturbances caused cry dualities (dvandva)

Pantanjali talks of duality in the entire Yoga Sutras so far.  He also expresses that other dualities will fade like indifference to heat and cold.  I hope that happen s soon as I am personally going through hot flashes in menopause .  Blame and Praise, loss and gain, hunger and satiety , vidya and avidya  (knowledge and ignorance).  When the physical plane become s pointless and we are the watches opposites fall away and transcendence occurs.  Hatha Yoga was devolved in the classical age of Yoga and Astanga was Pantajalis type Tantra concepts were widely accepted,  Tantra means to weave or loom , it is not the Western idea of sexual practices although some are included in the method it is about integrating into life as it is.  Ida/ pingala ( feminine and masculine)  femine forces are seen on the left side of the body and masculine of the right in yoga.  These all find balance in the asana ( seat).  

Wordless is a fitting message I will pay close attention to all the non verbal messages being sent when I interact with others today.  


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DAILY DEVOTION-The Parodies Over

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