DAILY DEVOTION-Making a Buddha


4/20/23 I think I will make a Buddha 

Morgans Tarot 

pastedGraphic.png THINK I’LL MAKE A BUDDHA

The inspiration for this card was a three-year-old child’s response to a question about what he would like to model out of the clay he had been given.

Yoga Sutra 2.47

prayatna saithilya nanta samspattibhyam

As as are perfected by relaxation of effort and meditation on the infinite

On the 8 limb path the asana is the vehicle to transcendence.  It may be uncomfortable asana means seat so this is the beginning of any meditation practice to be in a position were we can ground in keep the spine straight to relax the body and look inward.  

This is how a buddha was made under the bodhi tree.  He sat in asana until he achieved his enlightened state.  He then carried that state within him and taught it to others. Buddha a title given to the founder of Buddhism, Siddartha Gautama (c. 563–c. 460 bc).

The Yoga Sutra was coded Patanjali between 400 and 500 bc, but Yoga is much older than that asanas are mentioned in the Vedic Scriptures and the Upanishad’s.  

Pre-Classical Yoga 4500 – 2500 BC

Classical Yoga 100 BC – 500 AD

Post-Classical Yoga 500 – 1300 AD

Modern Yoga 1700 AD – now

Buddha learned all of this as before the Buddha became the Buddha, the Enlightened One, he was a yogi, a mystic wanderer, a Shaiva Tantric. Moreover, together with his friend Mahavira, later recognized as the founder of Jainism, he spoke out against the excesses of the Vedic priesthood. Buddhism sprang from Yogic traditions.  We can all become buddhas.



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DAILY DEVOTION-Making a Buddha

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