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Morgans Tarot

 I have pulled each card in the deck and the tarot is finished. A little background about Morgans Tarot . 



Out of the mystic sixties and into the tantric eighties speeds an unusual vehicle called “Morgan’s Tarot.” Created to transmit New Age consciousness and energy, Morgan’s Tarot was Inspired by various spiritual traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism, but most of the cards reflect direct experience. 

The tarot penetrates the unknown by reflecting elements of the sources of knowledge and wisdom. It mirrors the collective unconscious with basic archetypal symbols in universal settings. In contrast to conventional psychology, the tarot assumes a spiritual universe of which the physical world is a reflection. Whereas psychology tends to accept a dualistic premise, esoteric philosophy works from a nondualistic premise. Thus, in the physical world, there is both the object that is perceived and the

perceiver. In the mystic realms, the apparent separation is felt to be an illusion contained within unity. 

The ways in which Morgan’s Tarot cards can be used are infinitely varied. A few methods are suggested in this booklet. Morgan’s Tarot differs from traditional tarot decks in that it comprises eighty-eight cards instead of the usual seventy-eight and has no division of Major and Minor Arcana. There is no specific order to the deck. The order in which they are described here is purely random.

Some say these cards are more of an oracle card than a standard tarot.  I read about the author Morgan Robbins once but I can’t find the information currently about how and why the cards were made.  If memory serves me he was part of the California scene in the 60’s. It is very Zen and based on self-knowledge.  I use them to help people read through their confusion. 


Yoga Sutra Book 3 Siddhis

Yoga Sutra 3.1

Desabandhas cittasya dharana

Dharna is fixing the mind on one object

The final four practices of Astanga Yoga are inner practices so dharna is the exclusive concentration on internal that does not wander from distraction. 

Dahana on evenness is continued through the repetition of pranayama.  Focus on the in and out breath constrict the back of the throat for ujjayi breathe and look for the samba ( rest in breath).  

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