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Certain people in the environment are unaware of the true significance of your activities.

Actually, I don’t know what this card means, nor am I laughing.

Or perhaps you really are doing something absurd.

Yoga Sutra 2.19 

visesa visesa lingamatra lingani gunaparvani

The three gina’s – prakasha, kriya and sthiti – have four stages:  the manifest ( visesha), the subtle (avisesha), the primary (lingamatra) and the unmanifest (alingani) 

As we continuously ask why? We are inquiring into our true nature.  All sciences and philopsphies inquire into the name and form ( nama- japa) This sutra deals with the evolutionary hierarchy WHen we mediate we are aware of the environment, this is prakriti, and all the qualities (visesha).  When we sit with eyes closed we start to sense the subtle and impressions are not our attention this is (avisesha).  Then prakasha is the sensations we start to tune into feel, kriya and sthiti are recessive.  This is the stages as we sit in meditation that we move though as we become still and go into the depth of the self.  

Perhaps I am doing something absurd.  Perhaps we are all doing something absurd.  Is this daily Devotion a waste of time and energy or is it the path to my liberation?  I write daily for myself.  I Am teaching myself learning all that I have consciousness forgot.  Others may laugh and think this daily devotion and mediation is a fruitless effort.  I will keep watering the seeds of the fruit tree I want to bear fruit that is sweet and wholesome.  Someone may laugh at me.  They have been my entire life.  I may be laughing at myself for believing their opinions and ideas hold more weight than mine.  I am the one living in this body and having this experience so I might as well do things my way.  I choose the 3000 year old path.  It seems well worn.


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