3/31/23 Daily Devotional – The Valley

Morgans Tarot


This feminine earth card means rest from turbulence

Or the valley could be the paradise of the harmonious realms — the hidden valleys of Shambhala.

Yoga Sutra 2.20

Drasta drsimatrah suddo pi pratyaya nupasyah

The indweller is pure consciousness only, which though pure, sees through the mind and is identified by ego as being only the mind.

The thinker thinks it is awareness but only pure consciousness is awareness and can see itself in the stillness.  The mind believes it is the root of all its intellect and wisdom, but it is the source of life in us, it drives our mind and realizes the mind is not the Self.  Only those that know, know what they do not know.  

The Valley Card is welcoming today as I have been sitting in a noisy bar working most of the last few days.  To sit in a quiet place and be able to gather my thoughts and write feels so luxurious,  I have missed doing the Daily Devotion putting my physical work before my life work takes a toll on my mind and body rather quickly.  


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