DAILY DEVOTION- Does Consciousness Ring A Bell ??

DAILY DEVOTION- Does Consciousness Ring A Bell ??

4/5/23 All is right 

Morgans Tarot 


No, she honks a horn.

In a reading this card indicates a specific factor in your situation that will provide great clarity when you become aware of it.

Also, the question is posed: “Does awareness, in itself, act?”

Yoga Sutra 2.23

sva  svami saktyoh svarupopaladbhi hutus samyogah

Purusha – the experiences- is identified with Prakriti – the object of experience- in order that the true nature of both Prakriti and Purusha may be known.

We have to have these experience  and be a part of them 1) pain and pleasure and 2) liberation.  With out the understanding of both we can not see their alliance leads to both these states. Only in liberation can these 2 things loose duality and only Purusha remains as the impartial witness.  

This tarot card is right on time asking us the question of does awareness in itself act?  We can see that it so in this sutra.  Notice that consciousness is a she is this a feminine aspect of ourselves?  May be it does feel softer and flows as the more masculine energy tends to be harder sand more intense.  All situations become clearer as we become aware.  We see each event in life as just what it is and when we take our feelings of fear, insecurity, anxiety, shame or pleasure and excitement away from the object we can clearly work in this reality on the subject at had easily without moving through the past or future.  

Yoga Sutra 2.24

tasya  hetur  avidya 

This is identification is caused by avidya (nescience) 

In the liberated state both right and wrong cease there just is. Wrong knowledge, vasanas – Sanskrit term that refers to a past impression in the mind that influences behavior of the 5 imbedded kleshas- Avidya (ignorance), Asmita (egoism or I-am-ness), Raga (attachment), Dvesha (repulsion and aversion), and Abhinivesha (fear of death and the will to live).  Once the discrimination of Purusha from Buddhi is acknowledged it disappears all is burnt as fire consumes fuel.  Thats why they talk about meditation and vipassana burning the seeds of Kleshas.  


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