DAILY DEVOTION- The Struggle is Unreal

4/6/23  The struggle is unreal 

Morgans Tarot 

pastedGraphic.png THERE ARE NO OTHERS


Despite the truth of the claim that there is no reality but reality, and that wherever we look we see nothing but God or a manifestation of the universal divine consciousness, often in this weird universe we find ourselves with the unmistakable impression that we are faced with somebody else.

A guru might say, “I am you and you are me,” and you might reply, “No, I am here and you are there.” But if all pronouns are abolished there is only one god in the bouncing universe

Yoga Sutra 2.25

tad abhavat samyoga bhavo hanam tad drseh kaivalyam

Liberation (kaivalya) is the dis-association of the seer and the seen that brings the disappearance of ignorance (avidya).  

Purusha ( seer) in not bound to Prakriti (objects of awareness) it only seems so because our conditioning.  We are not our stuff.   Once we know this we can release from the objects and the identification with them.  We then become still in ourselves the ignorance fades and wisdom emerges.  

Do you feel a theme happening here?  He tends to repeat himself in various ways to get the point across.  Let go of who and what we think we are and why and how we see it.  Just let it go and become the witness. We are all God in drag and one with everything and immortal soul that is in a earthly form.  

All of the daily grind is just grist for the mill so we can see and remember what we are.  We can work in this playground and be infinite souls having a human experience.  I am often caught in the daily thoughts that I am someone or something is solid but in reality its my reality, my play and I only give objects or saturation in this entire world I live in importance.  I am the one powering the whole life experience.  Its a lot to think that I am running all of this so i keep playing small and running in my little circles in my little world.  All of my emotions tangles up in how I think things should be instead of just appreciating them for how they are. 

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DAILY DEVOTION- The Struggle is Unreal

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