DAILY DEVOTION- Good Thing Its Friday

DAILY DEVOTION- Good Thing Its Friday

4/7/23 Good Thing it’s Friday

Morgans Tarot

pastedGraphic.png Although the message is torn, more data is coming, and it will clarify what your next move should be. However, you may have hooked into a superficial guidance system that is not really relevant to your basic being.

Yoga Sutra 2.26 

viveka khyati aviplava hano payah

The persistent practice of discriminative knowledge is the means to liberation 

Here Pantanjali is encouraging us to practice the remembering in meditation and in dharma that we are the in dweller this leads to liberation.  

Yoga Sutra 2.27

tasya saptadha pranta bhumih prajna

Steady Wisdom manifests in seven stages 

The first 4 stages are freedom from action and the last 3 relate to the liberation of the mind. 7 has always been a mystical number.  

  • Self-Awareness.
  • Self-Understand.
  • Self-Acceptance.
  • Self-Discipline.
  • Self-Actualisation.
  • Self-Transcendence.
  • Self-Transformation.

I have been awaiting further orders as the tarot suggests and looking for guidance in a superficial system.  Thats why I am in a holding pattern in Illinois.  I am working on a false premise.  This is what is important.  I am with my family and we are reflecting on the dual deaths of family members today thirteen years ago. The number 13 has been prevalent in my life. My entire family subsystem is just concentric circles.  Remembering what my focus here is leads to my liberation.  The daily peace definitely improves.  

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