5/25/23 Sangha Sunday

Yoga Sutra 4.11 

hutu phala sraya lambanaih samgrhiatvad esamabhave tad abhavah

The tendency to avidya and suffering is held tighter by cause, effect, basis and support.  When the coherency no longer exists the tendencies vanish.  

We know from previous sutras the suffering is (avidya) not knowing the self. The ignorance of our true nature ( svarupa) gives rise to ego attachment and aversion or fear.  All these imaginary mental kleshas disappear when we realize our true selves.  Liberation is not through analysis of the causes and conditions bust to realize that only the mind suffers and causes confusion that our eternal self is all loving and peaceful. We can become buddhisattva by practicing discrimination of thoughts and feelings no anon attachment. Mediation on the inner light of self cuts to the root of nescience.  

Yoga Sutra 4.12 

atita nag at am svarupato sty adhva bhedad dharmanam

The past and the future exist in the object itself as form and expression, there being difference in the characteristics.  

In the past they exist as a memory in the future as an unmanifested potential from but only in the present are they tangible.  We can only be in a true reality if we are in the none moment all else is just forms of the mind.   


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