DAILY DEVOTION- A Knightly Visit


DAILY DEVOTION- A Knightly Visit

6/23/23 A Knightly Visit

Yoga Sutra 4.9

jati desa kala vyavahitanam apy anantaryam smtri samskarayor ekarupatvat 

Memory and latent impressions are magnetically linked.  This cause and effect link remains even through intervals of time place or context.  

 Repeated actions create tendencies.  These tendencies become deep patterns that persist over time and in various contexts.  The samskaras and vasanas are preprogrammed responses to future events and circumstances. But the seeds and tendencies can be burned away through meditations sitting in stillness keeps them from arising over and over until they wither much like a plant that is neglected.  When we quit going into our preprogrammed  states.  When we are in the present moment and in our awareness of the body and out of our imaginary state we weaken the vansanas and learn to enjoy peace. The hard part is to remember and practice.  


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