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6/18/23 Father’s Day

Yoga Sutra 4.4

nirmana cittany asmita matrat

Mind is created from ego- sense alone

Ego is the sense of separation from the source.  It is what is needed to inhabit this world completely but it forgets itself and where it came from causing confusion when it fails to acknowledge its true nature.  This mind ( Buddhi) operates as it does acknowledge it is a part of the all knowing (Purusha).  This is why Yoga (Yolk/ Union) is necessary to restrain Buddhi ( small mind) and allow it to turn inward and see its true self (Unity).

We all have a father, and the object of father, and the persona of father.  We even acknowledge a heavenly Father as the creator as in Biblical references.  Our relationship with this ideal of who a father is was and should be is often misinterpreted and misrepresented. The archetype of father is a powerful force in our life to contemplate.     


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