6/16/23 Freya Day

Yoga Sutra 4.2

jaty antara parinamah prakrtya purat

Spiritual development proceeds through the flow of natural potentialities 

All beings inherently have all abilities to encompass the highest states.  Transformation is not a “new” ability, but encouragement of natural abilities to its highest state.

Yoga Sutra 4.3 

nimittam aprayojakam prakrtinam varana bhedas tu tatah ksetrikavat

Incidental events are never the catalyst of transformation. They merely act by removing obstacles; are farmer removes stones from a watercourse to irrigate the land.  

The practice of yoga, the study of philosophy, or the inspiration of teachers, do not impart a new ability the attainment already exists its our natural state. The sadhana removes the obstacles on the path to our liberation. 

We are perfect in our design we have forgotten our true nature and it seems as our systems try to keep us in illusion.  Those who wish to control masses for personal worldly gain understand that keeping people in the dark and limiting their natural power and ability are the only way to control another person.  People who live by their own agency and moral code understand deeply that they are free.  

Even the founding fathers in the United States expounded on this concept and waxed poetically  that all men are created equal …..life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They also sought to govern and control a populace of people and they purposefully kept exclusion out of the documents and practiced dominance over all others including working white men. The ideology of all created equal and enjoying personal liberties was not in practice. No one can give another liberty. They can only deprive them of it. 


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